Problems Logging in to e-Connect


Have you entered your Username and Password correctly?

  • Format for Username is “99999”.
  • Do not leave any spaces between the alphabets and numbers.
  • The Login ID and Password are case-sensitive.
  • Always use your Username as your Login ID if you are logging in for the first time with the Password which Great Eastern had sent to you.


Did you try logging in again?

  • If you have tried unsuccessfully, then your Internet Service Provider (ISP), network or our system could be facing some slowness or problems. You could try to log in again later.
  • You may also want to clear your browser cache before trying to log in again.


Did you request for another e-Connect Password recently?

  • Whenever a new e-Connect Password is requested, the current password will become invalid.

Are you using the recommended browser and internet speed?

  • We recommend Internet Explorer 5.x and 6.0. To download Internet Explorer, click here.
  • Internet connection should be 28.8kbps or higher.

Do you have access to SSL pages?
(especially for those who log in from the office)

  • For your security, e-Connect is SSL secured. Some company networks disallow their staff to access SSL pages. Depending on your company and browser, you may see a message (such as “Page cannot be displayed”) or simply a blank screen when you try to access SSL pages.
  • In this case, you could ask for help from your company’s system administrator, or try to log in from home.

Have you changed your password before?

  • If you cannot remember your password, simply click here to request for another one.

Have you recently changed your Username?

  • If you have updated your Username with our Company recently, please drop us an email. We will update your profile and send you a new password.

If you still encounter problems, please contact us. In your email, please describe the error message that you encountered.